IST-511 Day Two: Copyright law and science fair flashbacks

I find nothing gets people going early in the morning like a good copyright law discussion. This is going to be dificult to beat for the title of “scariest lecture of the week.” It is one thing to vaguely know that copyright is an extremely complicated issue that is very much a hot topic these days; it is quite another to sit in a class for two hours and have the instructor point out, about once every five minutes,  the various ways in which your work, school, and leisure activities could potentially violate federal law. This is a topic that deserves much more attention than a paragraph in a daily recap; all I can say at this point is that there is a great divide between the laws that govern copyright (many of which have been passed to satisfy the needs of the entertainment industry rather than any concerns having to do with scholarship or education) and the layperson’s understanding of what is and isn’t a copyright law violation.

We also began working on our group projects; I will be posting more about this in the coming days. Our group is trying to come up with a workable topic centered on eBook adoption by libraries. The final result of this project is a poster that highlights two sides of a controversial issue for discussion; the posters are then taken to an exhibition hall where they are displayed and fellow students, professors and guests can ask follow-up questions about the material. Basically, it’s  librarian science fair.


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