IST-511 Day Three: The truth about eBooks

I spent much of today working on the poster project. We have a topic: what the growth in eBook publication means for collection development in academic libraries. I’ll talk about pros and cons later on this week, so as not to give away any spoilers. After some frantic source consultation and some good teamwork, we have a draft of the handout that goes with the poster (so that people who don’t get a chance to ask any questions can take away some additional information). Tomorrow is actual poster design, and Friday is the big unveiling.

In class, we had a talk about library systems, followed by a panel on the same topic. I found the discussion informative and inspiring. Hearing about all the different fiefdoms that make up the systems world brought out my techie and organizational sides, and I spent a good portion of the morning with half a brain focused on the presentations, and the other half on several ideas about how I would go about improving the situation. Today, I ruminate. Tomorrow, who knows?

The afternoon was spent getting to know some crucial pieces of Bird Library: the book conservation/restoration operations and the special collections space. Professor Lavender gave a great talk on collections, showing us some truly impressive pieces that belong to the library (anything from pieces of an Assyrian cuneiform clay tablet from about 4,000 years ago to an art project created by an SU student about her grandparents’ experiences in Auschwitz). I especially liked the stories behind each item’s acquisition, which were not only entertaining, but provided valuable insight into the why and how of collection-building. I think one of the best aspects of this course has been the glimpses it provides into all the various aspects of Library Science. I’m still focused on academic and digital topics, but it’s always good to know what your various career choices are within a field, and it’s always good to have some insight into what other members of my future organization will be doing.


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