This weekend, Syracuse University will hold its 2012 Commencement celebration. While I finished all of my MSLIS degree requirements this past December and won’t be able to attend the ceremony (it’s quite the trip from San Diego), I find this to be a great opportunity to reflect on the past three years.

Looking back, I accomplished a lot: I obtained a Master’s degree, held down a full time software development job, obtained my first formal management experience as head of my company’s Product Management department, and started a family, as our son Sebastián arrived almost two years ago. I have not exactly slowed down in 2012: we welcomed our daughter Lucía in February, and decided to move to the New York area so that our children can grow up surrounded by grandparents and extended family. This created yet another whirlwind of activity, as we work to find new jobs and uproot the lives we’ve built on the West Coast. I know I need to take a break at some point, but right now I feel like Charlton Heston in The Agony and the Ecstasy. When will I make an end? When I’m finished!

Although overwhelming at times, the road has been incredibly fulfilling. I have learned much and grown considerably in several areas: professionally, intellectually, and as a human being. I am excited about my future as a parent and a technologically savvy librarian, and I’m looking at this move eastward as an opportunity for Librarian to become my job description as well as my vocation. Would I prefer to broaden my search for employment beyond the New York City metropolitan area, especially in this job market? Yes, I would. But life is all about managing competing priorities, and right now I feel that I have mine in order.

As far as short term plans for this blog, I have signed up for the 23 Things course that begins this week, so I will be posting my thoughts and reactions here. It will be a great opportunity to explore the world of Library 2.0, connect to people with similar interests, and hopefully find my blogging sea legs again.


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