Thing 2: Investigate some other blogs

After looking at some of the other blogs in this program, it looks like many of you out there are in the same situation as me as far as wanting to have a more significant online footprint but not knowing how to do that: what to talk about, how to differentiate yourselves from all the other blogs, how to let go of that apprehensive feeling you get when you put yourself out there. Finding fellow travelers feels good, and makes dealing with these issues easier. It does wreck my plan to own the “apprehensive but curious neophyte blogger” persona. : )

I left a few comments out there for some of you. It felt good to offer my support, even if all I could do was to agree with a particular thought or congratulate others on putting themselves out there. This doesn’t feel like a conversation quite yet, but I am looking forward to more engagement as the program continues.

As far as blogs I read outside of this program, I am working on updating my blogroll over to the right there. For now, I’ve added links to my top three library-related blogs:

  • I find David Lankes inspiring and intimidating all at once. His is the blog I go to when I am feeling conflicted about becoming a librarian, or my enthusiasm ebbs a bit. One of his videos is enough to keep me motivated for a while.
  • I read Jill Hurst Wahl’s digitization blog to stay up to date on digital librarianship. I find it to be a key source of information on all things digital (in the interest of disclosure, I should say that I am a former student of Jill’s). I also find great advice on more mundane aspects of librarianships, such as creating a professional portfolio or running effective meetings.
  • I’ve seen references to David Lee King’s blog in a few posts for the CPD23 program. I find him engaging and thoughtful. I have also gained a healthy amount of respect for the Topeka and Shawnee county public library system and their willingness to implement rather progressive ideas for library services.

After looking through the blogs that are part of this program, I am looking forward to all of the great posts and conversations in the months to come!


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